Pb (People building) Soil + Community: Lead soil contamination in LA

by Maru García

Maru García is a transdisciplinary artist and researcher working across art + science + environment. Her use of media includes research, installations, performance, sculpture, and video, usually with the presence of some kind of organic matter to help understand the processes occurring in complex systems. Her areas of interest are explorations on biosystems, interspecies relationships, and the capacity of living organisms (including humans) to act as remediators in contaminated sites.

Her work highlights ‘eco-aesthetics’, where relationships and community are proposed to build cultures of regeneration. Maru has collaborated with the Art-Sci Center and Counterforce Lab at UCLA and is a 2020-2021 Sci-Art Ambassador for Supercollider.

She has participated in conferences, solo and group exhibitions in North America, Europe, and Asia. She is a Getty Foundation grant recipient for the exhibition “Sink: places we call home” at Self-Help Graphics, to be presented in the Pacific Standard Time Art-Science LA in 2024. Maru holds an MFA in Media Arts from UCLA as well as an M.S. in Biotechnology and a B.S. in Chemistry from Tecnologico de Monterrey, Mexico. She is based in Los Angeles, CA.

You can learn more about her work at:

Her Website