Vulnerability and Community Care in Changemaking Work

by Kristen Sison

Kristen Sison is a diasporic Filipinx womxn practicing community choreography as an artist-healer, storyteller, + book witch. She serves community by creating youth-led education spaces that re-imagine how we teach (and talk) about climate change and climate justice. From 2014-2019 she was a core organizer of Conscious Minds Camp, which emerged as a youth-led co-operative in 2017. CMC was an antidote to the urgency of climate change; an experimental, intergenerational space to play with possibility, to remember and heal our connection to spirit by deepening our commitment to earth, while learning about climate change, decolonization, and human rights, and practicing the embodiment of holistic communal living.

In the Fall of 2020, Kristen co-facilitated Rooted and Rising, a 3-month climate leadership pilot program certified by the York U. Faculty of Education. R+R guided young climate leaders on a learning spiral rooted in 7 values: gratitude, care, resilience, inspiration, joy, disruption, and uplifting transformation. R+R began in ceremony on the land, with the intention to create a caring space for young leaders to step more deeply into their unique gifts within a community of belonging. Emphasis was given to the relational aspect of sustainability education. Climate change asks: how do you relate to Water? Earth? Yourself? Family & communities (human, plant, animal, microbial, spiritual)? The legal system? Money? Spirit?

In June 2021 she released It's Bigger Than All Of Us; a ritual object and guidebook meant to encourage devotion, introspection, and prayer. IBTAOU is a community archive that reflects the process of claiming self-sovereignty within our bodies through cycles of healing and transformation. A mirror to the divinity within/without. Kristen is also a founding member of Kapwa Collective, a mutual support group of Filipinx-Canadian artists, critical thinkers, and healers based out of Tkaronto. You can find her by the water, sometimes playing, sometimes resting.

You can learn more about her activations at:

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