The Shapeless Evil: Biosemiotics of Cancer

by Eduardo Padilha

Eduardo Padilha is an in(ter)disciplinary researcher and scientist (maybe currently a wannabe artist trapped in the body of a scientist), working with Molecular Genetics and DNA repair since he was a little too young to be in the lab. For his work he was a recipient of the Jovens Fora de Série Award by Estudar Foundation (2014) as well as other achievements in different scientific conferences and competitions (MOP 2013/iGEM 2016/FARM-DNA 2018). Academic of the University of Sao Paulo he is a collaborator researcher at the Structural Genomics Consortium (SGC). He coordinated the I Biohack Academy by Waag Society in Sao Paulo (2015) and has since been a member of the Open Science Hardware/DIY Biology community. Exploring the intersections between science, art, design and philosophy, he has delivered lectures, workshops and shared his work in Brazil(Campus Party, 2018/Festival Path, 2019), Chile (GOSH 2017), China (GOSH, 2018) and the USA (DigiFabCon, 2017). He is a 2019 Global Community Bio Fellow and holds a certification in Music Performance (Violin).

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