The Ghost of Rain: The Search for Petrichor in the Australian Bushfire Crisis

by Catherine Sarah Young

Catherine Sarah Young is an award-winning artist, designer, and writer from Manila, the Philippines. She uses her background in molecular biology, fine art, and interaction design to create interdisciplinary artworks on the environment. Her experimental research-based practice currently deals with climate change and biodiversity, creation and revision of knowledge, access to science, etc., with the intention of fostering conversations between seeming diametric oppositions, such as the Global North and South, scientists and the public, government and citizens, etc. She has an international award, exhibition, publication, and fellowship profile and has collaborated with researchers, industry, and non-profit organizations most recently in China, Southeast Asia, Austria, and the Amazon rainforest. She is currently a Scientia PhD scholar at UNSW Sydney doing a practice-based PhD and developing her work on climate change. She is an Obama Leader for Asia-Pacific and a Creative Peacebuilder for The Peace Studio.

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