by Ashley Jane Lewis

Ashley Jane Lewis (She/ Her/ Hers) is a new media artist, creative technologist and educator focused on bio art, social justice and speculative design. Her artistic practice explores black cultures of the past, present and future through computational and analog mediums including coding, machine learning, data weaving, microorganisms and live performance.

Lewis' work is incubated at Culture Hub and New INC, the New Museum tech arts accelerator in New York. Ashley has taught more than 3500 people how to code and is currently a Tech Writer for p5.js at the Processing Foundation. Listed in the top 100 Black Women to Watch in Canada, Ashley's award winning artwork has exhibited in North America and Asia, most notably on the White House website during the Obama presidency.

Her practice is tied to science and incorporates organisms like slime mould and food cultures to explore ways of decentralizing humans to imagine collective, multi species survival.

You can find out more about her work at:

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