CultureĀ² 2021 Conference Portal


On August 28th + 29th, 2021 we shared space with farmers, community activists, climate educators, artists, and practitioners.

Presentation formats present themselves as interviews, studio tours, cooking demonstrations, going out into the field, formal presentations etc.

Day 1

Presenter Title Recording
Catherine Sarah Young The Ghost of Rain: The Search for Petrichor in the Australian Bushfire Crisis Vimeo
Anuje Farhung My Journey in Sustainable Couture Vimeo
Michaela Cruz Farming in the Diaspora Vimeo
Ashley Jane Lewis An Interview Vimeo
Andre Baynes Seed saving, plant cloning, and designing for worlds that don't exist. Vimeo
Alanna Lynch Dissident Matter Vimeo
Jeffrey Yoo Warren Accupuncture Needle to Microbe as Kite String to Camera Vimeo
Mo Laflamme Day in a INAKA life: food ways in the Japanese countryside Vimeo
Kristen Sison Vulnerability and Community Care in Changemaking Work Vimeo

Day 2

Presenter Title Recording
Rav Singh Seeding Justice and Climate Action in the Field Vimeo
Center for Genomic Gastronomy The Air is Alive: Tracing and Tasting a Wildfire Loaf Vimeo
Kayla Webber I AM RESPONSIBLE: The Practices Around Food, Care and Love
jaqueline beaumont to beat the womb at it's own game Vimeo
Eduardo Padilha The Shapeless Evil: Biosemiotics of Cancer Vimeo
WhiteFeather Hunter The Witch in the Lab Coat Vimeo
Maru Garcia Prospering backyards: Soil + Community- Lead soil contamination in LA
Xavier Palmer + Guest Let's Explore Biocybersecurity Vimeo