Our Values

Culture² is a platform which focuses on highlighting the research of BIPOC and LGBTQ+ practitioners of various socioeconomic backgrounds. We believe that as well as being a platform which highlights research, we try our best to model our publishing platform in making sure our contributors are compensated fairly, and that the labour of our team is not exploited. We have a dedicated page which outlines our values and our code of conduct here.

Community Science

The practice of community driven research without academic institutional leadership or enclosure. Projects center on community issues (especially environmental justice) and is based in community leadership and problem definitions.

Creative Biology

Using biological systems in an effort to innovate new sustainable systems, materials, aesthetics and methods of production to design and art making.

Ancestral Knowledge

Knowledge that is passed down through cultural tradition and community elders. Examples of these practices include tool making, medicine craft, food cultivation and processing, etc.

About Us + Community

We are a community of researchers and practitioners with backgrounds varying from the interdiciplinary arts, community science, activism, and bioengineering. Learn more about who we are and our community guidelines.